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At a time when there is much public debate about personal information security and the personal accessability of management of large sites like Facebook and Google and the way they handle people's privacy, it should be reassuring for you to know that the person who owns and manages a site to which you give personal details, lives in your community and is very much accessible and instantly accountable for the way your information is safeguarded and handled.

While people are becoming more concerned about the information they place in the public domian, remember the information provided is NEVER retained by this site once the purpose of a notice has expired and the information displayed IS NO DIFFIRENT to that currently displayed on physical Notice Boards in the community or publication like Phone Books.

Remember also your privacy is protected by Australian law and those laws govern the way this site operates. More detailed information is provided on the About This Website page.

The way you go about providing information online is an activity that always should be undertaken with due consideration.


Conditions of Use

People using or intending to use this site, live in our community, generally work in our region and are what I suppose you could call your 'neighbours'. The requirements for use of this site are very simple, think about how you'd like to be treated and apply that to your dealings with others.

If you like abusing people and/or taken advantage of others, then this site is not for you.

I hope you find this site useful in the services that it will undoubtly provide.

Warren Bolton

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