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Navigation is so very simple. There is a drop down menu on the top right of each page. Clicking the Home Icon on the Navigate button to return you to the Home page from any page on the site.

Listing a notice is also simple - That is done on the front page of the site.

Notices automatically and instantly become active on the Notice Board. The site moderator is advised of the posting.. The notice will be reviewed. If a notice does not meet the 'standards' it will be removed.

Posted notices are active for 30days, at which time you will recieve and email. If you don't respond to the email the Notice will expire.

Out of courtousity to the community and to save you from superfluous enquiries from users, if a notice is not longer relevant (It has achieved its purpose) please contact us with that advice and it will be removed.

Tips to help you get the best results from your Notice are published of webpages and Audio instructions and popup are provided thoughtout the site where though helpful.


Finally - Find-a...

A "FINDA" page is provided with link to other useful community information websites relevant to the community of Postcode 4570.





Links buttons on this site provided with the compliments of Shimbi